Texas Lawyer, Mediator and Counselor at Law

Tarrant County has seven District Family Courts of which six handle divorces. Each District Court has an Associate Court. When you need an attorney to represent you in the Tarrant or County court system, you want to find one who knows the area and the law. The more your attorney knows about Tarrant County, the better off you will be when it comes to feeling confident regarding your case. The laws of the state of Texas, along with the county and city in which your case is being hear, all matter. A knowledgeable lawyer is highly important to you, whether you are getting divorced or have another type of family law case.

If you and your spouse are getting Tarrant County, the court system there will have regulations with which your attorney will need work. The district clerk will be where the divorce needs to be filed, but it may not be as simple as that. Some are contested, and others are collaborative. Both of those can take longer to address, as they move through the court system.

When you have Schenk Law by your side, you have a much higher chance of ensuring that your voice is heard in your divorce proceedings, and that you get a divorce decree that is fair and equitable. You will need to go before a judge to have your divorce finalized, but the majority of the divorce proceedings will take place before you get to that point. This can include mediation, along with other work between Schenk Law and your spouse’s attorney. There may be custody and visitation issues to address, along with martial property and debts that have to be fairly and equitably divided.

Because there are often differences in what spouses consider to be equitable, it becomes necessary for your divorce attorney to work with all parties involved to create a successful divorce agreement that everyone can agree on. In some cases, an agreement simply cannot be reached. Those cases will go before a judge, who will decide what they believe is fair. When this occurs, the parties to the divorce will be bound by the judge’s ruling, and must follow it even if they do not agree with it. It is in the best interest of all parties to work with their attorneys to reach an agreement, since that will give them more control over custody, visitation and other requirements.