It used to be that divorce affected men and women differently. In many cases, men were able to rebuild their lives more easily because they had steady incomes and often did not have primary custody of the minor children. They had more money and freedom at their disposal to find a new place to live and move on with their everyday routines.

Women, on the other hand, had a tougher time in divorces because they lacked the financial resources to move out right away or make the monthly mortgage on the family residence. Times are changing with more fathers taking over the caretaker responsibility and the mothers taking on the bread winner position.

Nowadays it is not uncommon for a father to get primary custody of the children depending on which parent had that role during the marriage. Women need the help of an experienced divorce attorney to represent them and the children’s interests in the legal proceedings.

Another alternative is a split possession schedule which can allow the parents to each have quality time with the children to maintain a sense of stability for the sake of the children. The bottom line is the parents need to decide what is best for the children in order for both parents to play a major role in the children’s lives, so the children can have a more rounded relationship with each parent.

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Pursuing Support Payments

Whether you are the one who filed for divorce or the Respondent to the case, you have the right to ask the court for support. Especially if you did not work during your marriage or earn less thank your spouse, you have the legal expectation of maintaining some semblance of your former life even after you get divorced.

Your lawyer can petition the court to order your spouse to pay child and spousal support. You could receive child support payments until the last minor child turns 18 and/or graduates from high school.

With your lawyer’s help, you may be able to put your life back together and have the financial resources that you need to move on and support your children. You do not have to go to court alone or represent yourself in what could be a life changing event.

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Overall Tips

  • Make sure to prioritize. Don’t expect to get everything, so list the main things you want in order from most to least important and aim for those.
  • Keep your financial matters in mind. These can include stocks, credit cards, insurance, retirement, equity in the community, the estate and much more.
  • Try your best to cooperate with your spouse. Even if you disagree on everything else, working together on this can help make the divorce go smoother and even be more affordable.
  • Don’t move out yet. Doing so can negatively affect your chances of owning the house or having custody of your children. Consult Schenk Law before you make any major moves.
  • Speaking of children, don’t forget about how this will affect your kids. They’ll be affected emotionally and physically, so try to lessen the negative consequences by staying kind to your spouse.
  • Come up with a plan afterward. Not just financially, but emotionally, since cases like this can be draining.

Consulting an Attorney

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