Family law can be a delicate and different area to work through. If you are in need of an attorney who handles family law in Arlington, Tarrant County and the surrounding DFW area, you have come to the right place by contacting Schenk Law. Child custody issues, Child Protective Services and child support are all areas where you might need a family law attorney like Leigh Ann Schenk. The process of divorce that generally leads to other family law issues is not always an easy one, but with Schenk Law on your side you can get through the process with dignity and the development of co-parenting skills.

By understanding your needs and goals, Leigh Ann Schenk can help you with any concerns you have about the process of family law cases. That can give you peace of mind, and make working with your spouse to move through a divorce and into a strong co-parenting relationship much easier and less stressful. Being overly stressed about the changes occurring in your family can make parenting much more difficult, and can also mean that it is harder to work with the other parent on issues that are important for your child. With good legal representation from Leigh Ann Schenk, though, that is far less of a concern.

More than 50 percent of marriages today end with a divorce, and that can mean a lot of changes for spouses and children. In the Arlington and Dallas Fort Worth TX area, there are specific laws that have to be followed regarding custody and other matters when a couple decides to end their marriage and there are children involved. Both children who are born into the marriage and those who are adopted into that union will be affected by the dissolution of the marriage, but with Schenk Law you can reduce the stress that you, your spouse and your children will experience during the divorce process and the adjustment period that comes afterward.

With a collaborative divorce process, you and your spouse can work through your issues together and come to an agreement with help from Schenk Law. This process can be an easier type of divorce, because it is not as contentious and is generally handled out of court for the most part. In the collaborative divorce process, the judge will still need to sign off on the divorce decree to dissolve the marriage, the concerns you and your spouse may have can be worked out between the two of you with the help of the collaborative process “team.”

Whether you believe that your divorce is non-contested divorce or a contested divorce, having Schenk Law on your side can make any family law case a more successful and easier process.