Divorce Semantics for Women

Even though divorce has the same type of outcome for both men and women, the experience for each is not the same. Understanding the differences in these experiences is a key part of getting through divorce proceedings as painlessly as possible, and having an attorney who is keen on these differences certainly makes it all easier to handle. Knowing what separates the experience for men and women can make it a lot less frustrating to handle proceedings and resolve a divorce with minimal frustration.

Under Texas law, women have lots of rights and responsibilities following a divorce. Having an attorney who knows what these stipulations are, can ensure that you come out of a divorce with what you deserve, while being aware of what responsibilities you now have as a divorced spouse. Having that legal knowledge is one of the biggest steps to completing a divorce with some semblance of sanity when it’s all said and done.

One of the biggest differences in divorce proceedings for men and women comes down to money. In situations where the husband was the breadwinner for the household, or even just the primary breadwinner for the home, the wife is usually entitled to temporary spousal support from her husband. In situations where the wife has not worked for several years because she has been taking care of children, she can also be eligible for alimony from her spouse, which certainly goes a long way to staying on your feet. Of course, even in those situations, it is not guaranteed that these boons will come to pass, so having an experienced attorney on your side can significantly increase your chances of receiving the support you need from your divorcing spouse.

The second biggest concern for both men and women in divorce is child custody. If you have children, who gets primary custody of them often becomes a point of major contention, which can extend divorce proceedings for an incredibly uncomfortable amount of time. The public eye tends to assume that primary custody of children goes to the mother, and though this may be true in a lot of cases, it is not always so when judges assess family situations to a more in depth degree. Even if you truly are the best caretaker for your children between you and your spouse, you definitely shouldn’t assume the children will be given to you just because you are the mother.

Losing custody of your children can be extremely upsetting and painful for a mother, especially if she is the one who has been caring for them for so long. Of course, most divorce situations have the two parties agree to co-parent by sharing responsibilities and custody, but that is not always the case. Having an attorney who knows the ins and outs of your situation can greatly improve your odds when it comes to maintaining primary custody of your children, especially if they know your extenuating circumstances so they can better argue and defend your position on points of contention.

While divorce is never easy and rarely ever pleasant, it can definitely be made easier with the help of an experienced attorney. Having legal aid of a high caliber is the best way to ensure that you enter divorce proceedings with the knowledge you need to come out of it favorably, and with the rights you have under Texas law. Being unaware of certain rules can undermine your position and your divorce resolution, so bringing in a professional to guide you through the process is the best way to ensure that you come out on top.