Other Practice Areas

Medical LawsuitPersonal injury and criminal law are important practice areas for attorneys like Leigh Ann Schenk, who are dedicated to helping others. These areas of law are also a vital and very important part of the justice system, as they help provide justice to people who have been injured by others or harmed by the illegal actions of other individuals. If you need an attorney for your personal injury or criminal law case, you want Schenk Law. Hiring Leigh Ann Schenk will provide you with an Arlington, TX lawyer who is familiar with Tarrant County and who can give you what you need to win your case. Attorneys who don’t have familiarity with personal injury and criminal law cases may not provide you the legal options you want or expect.

When you seek out an attorney, you have options. Consider Leigh Ann Schenk’s experience in criminal law and/or personal injury, and you will see that Schenk Law can provide you with the highest likelihood of the best possible resolution to your case. No attorney can guarantee you a specific case resolution, no matter the circumstances you are facing, but some attorneys have the experience and education to provide a higher level of service to those individuals who are facing personal injury or criminal law cases and need assistance to protect their legal interests. Leigh Ann Schenk is one of those attorneys. Being injured in a car accident which requires medical attention and lost wages can be traumatic. Being accused of a crime that you did not commit and facing possible loss of your freedom because of false allegations can be devastating.

Locating an attorney who treats these issues seriously and is able to connect with clients can be difficult. Some personal injury and criminal law cases are very personal matters, and you need an attorney who can empathize with you and who will work with you every step of the way. You need Schenk Law. If you have no connection with your attorney, it can be more difficult for the two of you to work together to get the best resolution to your case. When you search for an attorney, consider personality as well as education and experience.

Considering everything together can give you the best chance of finding an attorney that will provide you with what you need – a successful resolution to a difficult situation. Whether you have been clearly wronged by someone else, or you have been accused of something you did not do and need to set things right, Schenk Law will be able to ensure that you have a voice in the legal system, and that can make a significant difference in the resolution of your case and your future.