Compensation for Personal Injuries

If you are able to prove your personal injury was caused by a negligence, a product liability issue, or intentional wrong you may be able to receive both punitive and compensatory damages for your personal injuries. Compensation for personal injuries can include:

  • Lost wages, medical expenses, medicine costs, and physical therapy cost.
  • In addition, many times pain and suffering such as: depression, anxiety, stress, embarrassment or other mental issues may also be factored into the compensation calculation.
  • Property Damage
  • Other compensation can include: missed job assignments, training, vocational opportunities
  • Loss of the ability to socialize, attend special events, and have sexual relations all may be factored into a general life disruption category but are often capped at a certain level.
  • Permanent loss of life or limbs or physical dismemberment.

Indemnification concept

If the jury finds negligent behavior was malicious or willful they may also award punitive compensation to punish the perpetrator. If companies continually produce defective products they may be assessed additional punitive damages as a deterrent from producing defective products in the future.

Personal Injury Attorney

As your attorney, I will aggressively pursue your personal injury claim. I will fight the insurance companies and the person who caused your injury until you have been adequately compensated for your injury.

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