Child Protective Services Lawyer

Attorney Leigh Ann Schenk is Arlington Texas top lawyer when you need assistance with child protective services however they affect you and your childrens livesIn Texas, Child Protective Services is a division of the Department of Family and Protective Services. It is tasked with investigating reports of abuse or neglect of children in the state.

The agency provides services to children and families in their homes. It is also responsible for placing children in foster care, helping foster children make the transition to adulthood and placing children in adoptive homes.

Dealing with the social workers with Child Protective Services can be a challenge, no matter what your contact with the agency is about. Whether you are adopting a child or trying to keep your children in your home, it can be helpful to have an experienced attorney on your side to protect your rights. It is extremely important that you seek legal counsel before making statements to the police and or a Child Protective Services investigator to insure that your rights are not violated and to protect yourself.

I worked for Child Protective Services for many years as an forensic investigator. As an attorney, I have extensive experience in child abuse and child neglect cases. I have testified as a child abuse expert for and against the state in criminal and civil cases. My background in the criminal justice system allows me a unique insight into the Child Protective Services cases.

Protecting your children from harm is the first priority. In most cases, the parents are best equipped to make decisions for their children. Finding an attorney to be your advocate when dealing with Child Protective Services can ensure that your rights as a parent are protected and that the agency is held to the procedures as stated in their practise manual. If you are unfairly accused of child abuse or neglect, there are steps that must be followed to make sure that all records are expunged to protect your innocence.

As a parent, there is not many situations more scary that Child Protective Services knocking on your door, accusing you of abusing or neglecting your child. When you hire me, my job is to make sure you get a fair investigation into the allegations against you.

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