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Finding a divorce attorney can feel like a complicated process, but it does not have to be that way. If you are located in the Arlington, TX area or anywhere in Tarrant County, Leigh Ann Schenk of Schenk Law can help. As a licensed attorney, mediator, and counselor at law, she is well-versed in the needs of her clients and the laws of the state of Texas. If you plan to divorce within Texas, there are several steps that have to be taken – and those steps are much more easily taken with the right attorney by your side.

You may be the party initiating the divorce, or you may have been blindsided by a spouse who decided to serve you with divorce papers. No matter your role in the divorce proceedings, it is important to understand as much as possible about the process, so it can be made as easy as possible for you. Because divorce affects so many people in addition to the divorcing couple, knowledge of Texas divorce requirements can help you talk with family and friends about what you may be going through and experiencing. You can get that knowledge with help from Schenk Law.

If you have children, the dynamics of your divorce will be somewhat different than they would be if no children were involved. That is important to consider, as the divorce will not be granted until any required steps relating to the children have been carried out. With a good divorce attorney like Leigh Ann Schenk on your side, you can complete any mandated requirements, so your divorce can proceed as smoothly and quickly as possible. This can make a difficult time easier on everyone involved, and reduce the stress and frustration you may feel.

There is a sixty day waiting period which means that a divorce will take at least two months to complete, although most divorces take much longer. When one or both of the parties fail to agree on important or significant aspects of the divorce, such as child custody and or division of property, the divorce can take several months. Most of the time, parties come to an amicable agreement either through working with Leigh Ann Schenk and opposing party or attorney or even a mediator, if needed. If no agreement can be reached, then the parties will be putting their fate in the hands of the Judge through the process of a trial.

Divorcing parties who cannot agree to specific aspects of their divorce, either on their own or through mediation, may be subject to following divorce terms and conditions that have been decided by a judge. This may not be optimal for either party, making it generally best for a divorcing couple to find a way to agree with one another on all of the material aspects and important decisions that must be made throughout the divorce process. Whether you are attempting to get a spouse to provide assistance, working through child custody concerns, or have other difficulties related to divorce, working with Tarrant County divorce attorney Leigh Ann Schenk can make all the difference – and can provide peace of mind during a difficult time.

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